Discreet Inscenatory Effects1

Pellicule n&b numérisée, impression jet d’encre sur papier hahnemühle

Dimensions variées
Collection privée

Digitized b&w film, inkjet print on hahnemühle paper

Various dimensions
Private collection



Some designers/architects who create exhibitions in memorial sites (as well as in political sites) charge the architecture and the materials with metaphorical meaning. Angular walls are to evoke a feeling of uncertainty. Black or grey as the basic colour convey an allusion of danger and horror. Stainless steel and bright neon light communicate an impression of modernity. Rusty iron generates a sense of decay, brutal secrets, harshness, and relates to the materiality of weapons. Metaphorically charge-up materials and colours are one element used in functional exhibition designs. In the exhibitions in Dachau since 1965, these constituted some of the discreet inscenatory effects.

Schmidl, M. (2010). Post-War exhibition Design: Displaying Dachau, Köln: Walther Koenig, p. 58-59